Travis Ganong Race Series Wax

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Endorsed by Travis Ganong, USA Champion downhill racer, this triple pack  includes wax for every ski condition. GI 2000 is our fastest race wax which is safe to apply and better for the environment as it contains no dangerous fluorocarbons. 

This Race Series Wax is our top-end race wax,, proven to last longer than other race waxes and has excellent static and dynamic ski properties. The high performance formula remains on the ski even after a full day of training or racing and is also recommended by 

GI 2000 wax is best applied by iron after a base has been prepped with Green Ice Hydrocarbon Wax.  The formula does not cause the ski to “whiten”, as compared with the leading fluorocarbon waxes available on the market.

Package includes 3  50 gram bars of GI 2000 race wax.

RED >28 degrees F

YELLOW 18-28 degrees F

GREEN <18 degrees