Green Ice 1000 Performance Wax

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GI 1000 is the perfect blend of performance and affordability.  It is safely formulated with a proven lubricant to repel water as you ski or ride.  We recommend this formula for intermediate to advanced skiers and riders looking to get the most out of their equipment, as well as racers searching for a safe alternative to gaining that competitive edge.  There is no need to wear a respirator when applying GI 1000! This specially formulated wax does not contain any of the harmful fluorocarbons found in other popular race waxes.  GI 1000 is also more environmentally-friendly compared to waxes containing fluorocarbons.

Formula Temerature Range (Fahrenheit)
Warm (Red,Pink) 28 - 35
Cool (Yellow, white) 18 - 28
Cold (Green) < 18
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