Green Ice Tech

Green Ice Wax is race-inspired, environmentally-friendly, and cost-effective. The waxes utilize technology borrowed from the cosmetic industry for water repellency and lubricity, does not contain hazardous fluorocarbons found in most of today's ski waxes. 

Green Ice Wax  technology makes it safe for anyone to apply and handle.  No more need for a bulky mask during application. Green Ice Hydrocarbon, 1000, and 2000 are available in a variety of hardnesses for use in all snow conditions.  For more detailed information, check out our Products page.

Green Ice Ultimate, Green Ice FE, DemoDon's Glide Wax and N8 products are comprised entirely of renewable resources, minimizing the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) foot print, which helps to protect our environment. Shaggy Snowboards  and Marhar snowboards leverage Green Ice Wax to help make their manufacturing processes more sustainable. 

Both and give GI Wax the thumbs up Exotic skis test all their skis with GI biodegradable wax.  

Regardless of your experience, Green Ice Wax can provide you with all your environmentally-friendly, cost-effective, high performance waxing needs.  Be sure to check out our Blog for more information.  Feel free to include any comments or concerns, and remember to choose Green Ice Wax for all your ski and board wax needs.


Graph illustrates the static friction performance of Green Ice waxes versus the average competitor's high fluorocarbon wax, costing twice as much as GI 2000

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