User Guide

GI product lines

GI wax prides itself on its ease of use.  It offers paste and rub on wax which are simply applied with the applicator and corked in as desired.  GI FE, Paste and N8 rub on are easy to use bio-degradable waxes. 

GI wax also offers Universal temperature wax as GI Ultimate and DemoDon's XC glide wax. These are our most eco-friendly universal temperature ski/snowboard waxes. These waxes are intended to be either used as a rub on or iron on wax.  Our N8 series also offers an iron on biodegradable wax series designed for different temperature snow. For iron temperature and direction see Application directions below.

GI HC, 1000, XC Race and 2000 are our paraffin based fluoro free waxes. 

GI HC is a standard every day iron on wax which is designed for the recreational skier/rider and as a base coat for our race wax.

GI 1000 is the perfect blend of performance and affordability. It is safely formulated with a proven lubricant.

GI 2000 and Travis Ganong race series ( Endorsed by Travis Ganong) is our top-end race wax, proven to last longer than other race waxes and has excellent static and dynamic properties.

Application directions

Since GI wax contains no fluoro it is not necessary to be concerned with humidity. Universal waxes need not be concerned about snow temperatures either. However for GI HC, 1000, 2000, XC Race, N8 and Travis Ganong race series consider the following :

Melt the wax using the following temperature guide:

For cold snow (below 18°F) set the iron temp to 130C (260-270°F),   cool(18-28°F) or warm (above 28°F) set at 125°C (260°F) and for Ultimate and N8 series set at 110°C (230°F). Using a standard iron (w/o temperature control) set to minimum-medium temperature.

Use the iron to drip the wax on the ski/board and iron on the wax evenly to cover the entire base. Do not burn the ski or board base; keep the iron moving.

Allow the wax to harden, scrape thoroughly and brush.

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