About Us

  Green Ice Wax, a pioneer in environmentally  friendly wax, has produced non fluoro and eco-friendly ski and snow board wax for 9 seasons. It was formulated by a chemist with over 30 years of experience in the chemical industry and father of two competitive ski racers.  The wax was designed with safe and environmentally-friendly substances with the health of the user and the environment in mind.  After years of formulating and continually testing various compositions, Green Ice Wax developed the perfect balance between fast and safe.  Tests included both field tests on mountains across the Northeast, West, and South America as well as chemical and physical testing in the laboratory.  The field tests included athletes both at the professional and collegiate levels, as well as ski instructors.  The results are Green Ice Hydrocarbon, Green Ice 1000, Green Ice 2000, and Green Ice Ultimate waxes.  These environmentally-friendly waxes are proven to perform under any conditions, from recreational skiing and riding to competitive racing. 

So, why not use a proven non- fluoro race wax to insure compliance with the FIS rules regarding fluoro without sacrificing performance.

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