State- California
Team- United States Ski Team
Experience- World Cup Athlete

"As an Olympic and World Cup Downhill ski racer, going fast is of the utmost importance to me.  Every piece of my equipment is tested and tweaked to make sure I gain every extra hundredth of a second on race day.  Green Ice 2000 Race Series works; it is fast and it is also safe for our fragile mountain environments and their watersheds!  It's rare to find a product like Green Ice Wax that performs to my standards and that is also a game changer for the environment!" 



State- Idaho
Team- United States Snowboard Team
Experience- 8 times X Games Gold Medalist

“I'm excited to be a part of Green Ice Wax. As an environmentally minded snowboarder, it is a pleasure to introduce a fast, biodegradable, earth friendly wax to the world. I can't wait to raise my board on the podium with Green Ice Wax shimmering on my base, knowing that I didn't leave any toxic residue on the mountain."



Country- Switzerland
Experience- Professional freestyle skier since 2005

“The eco friendly feature is what makes it better than the rest...it works and its eco friendly"



State- Utah
Team- United States Ski Team
Experience- Olympic Gold Medalist, Aerials

“I got to wax a couple times this year.  I found the Green Ice Wax to work really well, but more importantly, it was very reassuring to know that I was using an Environmentally-friendly product.  I’ll definitely use it again and again!”



State: New York
Home Mountain: Hidden Valley
Team: ARCS-USA, DePaul Catholic
Certifications: Level 300 Regional Coach
Experience: J1/J2/Masters Coach, USSA Technical Delegate, Hidden Valley Program Director, ARCS-USA Co-Director, DePaul Catholic Head Coach


"I thought the durability of the GI2K (20 - 30o F) was well above average... Without re-waxing, I skied the 2nd day with temps at Pico Mountain in the morning between 3 - 9o F at the top and 9 - 14o F at the bottom.  The next weekend I probably made about 15 runs with the following results:

1) wax duration: excellent for the first 6-7 runs, slightly diminished for the remaining runs (but in the afternoon, it was snowing and could have had an effect on the performace)

2) wax efficiency: excellent. In fact, I'm not just impressed with it, I am VERY impressed with the wax. Both static and dynamic friction performance was excellent."



State- New Hampshire
Home Mountain- Pat’s Peak
Team- Babson College
Experience- 10+ years USSA Alpine Competitor, 4 year USCSA Competitor

"I have ski raced for almost two decades now and in that time I must have tried hundreds of different waxes. Over my long career, I tried every mixture of low fluorocarbon and high fluorocarbon waxes in the book in order to gain that elusive extra second on the slope. This winter, I had the privilege of testing out a new brand and concept of wax. At first I was a little hesitant because I didn't think a wax could be environmentally-friendly and fast, but I could not have been more wrong. The first time I tried it I was blown away by the product, I did several training runs and I could not get over how much faster the ski felt on the snow. Besides being noticeably faster, the wax lasted significantly longer than anything else I ever tried. My bases did not dry-up and turn white in a few days like usual, instead I went almost a week using just one coat of wax. I liked the wax so much that I used it without hesitation at my next collegiate race and continued to use it the rest of the season. By the time we competed in the National Championships in March, our entire team had switched over to Green Ice Ski Wax and everyone in our division was trying to get their hands on the secret sauce that was fueling our remarkable results in the second half of the season.



State- Massachusetts
Home Mountain- Berkshire East
Team- Babson College
Experience- 10+ years USSA Alpine Competitor, 3 year USCSA Competitor


"Over the last decade of racing I've been obsessed with using the fastest, most sustainable but also the healthiest wax on the market. I've read and heard multiple cases of how unhealthy fluorocarbon wax is for the respiratory system. I've tried to open windows, use respirators, even borrow a friend's gas mask; however, there is no safe alternative when your waxing your skis everyday. Quite honestly over the course of my entire racing career, I've been waiting for the day that a company would produce a type of wax that is just as effective as Swix, Homenkol, Toko, Dominator, etc. without shortening my life expectancy. These unhealthy fluorocarbon wax's might be fast, but over the last season I have experienced every blend of Green Wax on my skis after I reluctantly agreed to stop using my preferable wax. To my surprise my skis were undoubtedly fast, if not faster, regardless of the various conditions from last season (2011-2012). But the best part was how often I could wax my skis without causing harm to my health."



State- New Hampshire
Home Mountain- McIntyre Ski Area
Team- Rochester Institute of Technology
Experience- 4 Years USCSA College Racing, 7+ years Ski Instructing PSIA Certified


"Having worked as a ski instructor for the past 7 years and race for Rochester Institute of Technology, I am using Green Ice Ski Wax to wax my skis once or twice a week along with standard name brand waxes. Last season I had the opportunity to try Green Ice Ski Wax and was impressed with its longevity and feel on the snow. Using Green Ice Ski Wax, I was able to train or teach for two or three days before I needed to wax my skis again whereas name brand waxes would only get me through one day. When using Green Ice Ski Wax, my skis felt faster on the snow for a lot longer during varying ski conditions. Based on these results, I look forward to making Green Ice Ski Wax my wax of choice."



State- Massachusetts
Home Mountain- Jiminy Peak
Team- Babson College
Experience- 10+ years USSA Alpine Competitor, 3 year USCSA Competitor


"Growing up ski racing, I have always used wax from one of the name-brands in the ski industry. I was always anxious to see a difference in my results when I switched to a new wax, but was never able to truly get an edge on the competition. Early this year, I was introduced to Green Ice...so I figured that I would give it a try. Throughout the week of training, I felt different on my skis...I only had to apply one layer before training at the beginning of the week and my bases did not dry up at all, even after 3 days of training. I didn't experience any base burn, as I have with all other hydro and flurocarbon waxes. The next weekend of GS races was the best race series I have had in a long time...I encourage all racers to buy at least one bar to experience the difference for yourself."




State: Colorado
Team: University of Colorado
Experience: 10+ years snowboard coach


"Good S##T"



State: New Jersey
Home Mountain: Hidden Valley
Team: Hidden Valley
Experience: Father to Emily (8 years USSA Alpine Competitor)


"I used a sample of Green Ice Ski Wax GI 1000 on my daughter's skis at the Eastern J1-2 ski racing event in March, 2012.  I used an iron heated to 135°C and the wax melted consistently without odor and spread evenly.  I cold-scraped the wax and it adhered well to the structure of the skis (Volkl).  My daughter used the wax for both the Slalom and Giant Slalom events on cold days (≈ -7°C).  She skied well and was in the top New Jersey skiers in each event.  She remarked that the wax held up well during both the Slalom and GS.  I would definitely recommend Green Ice Ski Wax as it performed as well as high priced fluorocarbon race wax."


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